Dimitri Stefanov

 Creating a parallel reality


What’s a breath of oxygen-less air?

No man can give you that answer. The only way to find out is if you have the courage to take the risk. To risk everything in order to dive in the deep. Deep into yourself. Deep into your dreams. Deep into your feelings, where sometimes it’s hard to breathe. But every inhale is a pure pleasure and every exhale – a piece of art, you’re giving to the world.

As an artist, I’ve been always running to find myself. But I strongly believe that if it happens someday that will be the end of the road. Fortunately, I never used to have a clear one. I’ve been through many ups and downs, and that has strengthened my nature. That’s the natural way of life, as I love to say.

I am all entangled with feelings and emotions. The atmosphere is my dearest friend as an artist. I love to experience my art. I love it to run through my veins, to suffocate me, to wake the butterflies in my belly, to bear me in the seventh heaven and then again to stab me into the ground. That’s the only possible way to create something real, something beautiful and thrilling to leave its trace.

I wanted to create something different. Something to make a big difference. Something that stands out and reflects me. AND I CREATED IT. WE CREATED IT.

Technical Parameters

Many people may say, the technical equipment does not matter, but for me it makes a big difference. Therefore I decided to bet on the best high class camera, lenses and lighting equipment, that is used in the world of cinematography on a global scale.

Camera: Arri Alexa mini

Anamorphic Lenses: Аtlas Orion 40 mm, 65 mm, 100 mm

Lighting: Set up Arri, HMI and Sky panels

I have always been following my intuition. The projects that I work on and the art I create have always been inspired by personal feelings, emotions and experiences.

• Don't speak

The seventh art has always been a source of inspiration and a driving force to me. I have always been looking at my works of photography as a movie. Actually, that’s the very truth. I have always been telling stories with my photographs. I always have a script in my mind. Moreover, just stop and think for a moment. We must be the creators of our own life’s script, man. Thus, I chose to use the power of the cinema language and the atmosphere to bring to light the states of mind and strong emotionality of Victoria.

• On my soul

The artist in me have always been selfish. Everything I create must satisfy me to the fullest. Only if I fall in love with my creation, that means it has come from my soul. And the only thing left is waiting for the world to see it, to feel it, to understand what stands behind. I dare to say that emotion is the hand that leads me to the light. But I cannot see the daylight sometimes. When it comes to taking photographs or writing scripts, or just creating glow. If everything that I imagined could be photographed or just shot with a camera, then the mission is fulfilled, But let me mention Velina Ilieva who really managed to gather all my ideas, thoughts and feelings and bring them all together into one whole. We gave expression to the instincts from our souls. From the very beginning till the end.


I had no idea how to write a script, but I knew one thing. I needed a clear concept and how to bring it to life. I knew what I DO NOT WANT for sure. As I mentioned, I have always been working with the emotion that comes to me every day and I think that has helped me a lot in the years as an artist. So I had a clear idea that I don`t want this project to be associated with another one or similar one, so I decided to base the storyline on emotions, feelings, inspiration and pure instinct. Creating something on a sheet needs to be as close as possible to reality.

Using the language of cinema and the pure atmosphere, I brought to light the states of mind and strong emotionality of Victoria. I wanted to work only with emotions and the movement of the body. Because the body language is the strongest means of expression to me.


Finally, I want to thank every member of the amazing crew. The team who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to experience something new. To create something different. I thank the producer Genoveva Christova - Murray for the trust. I thank Victoria Georgieva for the devotion. I thank Hristo Lazarov for the great, pure and intuitive cinematography. Thanks to the lighting crew, the focus puller - Vanya Ivanova, the first camera assistant - Dimitar Lazarov, and the crane operator - Stefan Zhelankov. I thank Georgi Strezov for the impressive sound design and Borislav Konstantinov for the great color grade. Thanks again to Hristo Lazarov for the video editing. I thank Nikolay Atanasov MonTero for the backstage photography of the working process. I also thank all the professionals, who did their best for the artist and the set dressing team.

Last, but not least, I want to thank Velina Ilieva (first assistant director (1st AD), concept and script, art director, scouting manager etc.), my friend, my right hand and co-creator of this project. She managed to gather all my ideas and together we brought them to life.

Thank you!