\"Before creating glow we breathe first\"

From Mars to the Moon. And I am not going to talk about how beautiful is Iceland, geographically speaking. You know my emotional spirit. This photographic essay will take you on a journey through pure love, spanless earth, generations heritage and the trace we are leaving. Or, at least, that is my sincere desire.

A cup of morning Icelandic coffee is what I woke up to every morning. The sun sometimes was warming my room. But, in most cases, it didn't, because of the harsh climatic conditions. Heavy wind, endless rains, heaps of cold, you know… Anyways, this is not going to be a blog post, but furthermore. A story about a love, but different from what I've done so far.

The real love is intransitive. The real love is strong like the rocks. The real love is beautiful like the sculpted shapes of the earth. The real love is like the hug of the sun, caressing your skin. The real love is the wind through her hair. The real love is breathing from each other. The real love is intoxicating. The real love is dark sometimes, but deep like the waters of the ocean. The real love is a rainbow, after the rain. The real love purifies. The real love feeds you. The real love is freedom. The real love is faith. The real love is making you feel, like you are the only humans on earth. The real love is like dreaming. One and only.

That was the feeling I had, during my trip to Iceland over 2,500 km by car and 5,000 km by plane with Veneta, Veselin and Кaira. Souls woven into one, as if they were from another planet or dimension. I don't know why I still feel the sun touching me, seating on the backseat of a white Toyota. The rain is coming through my clothes, the wind is making me almost crazy, but… is there anything more beautiful than to have the chance to feel all of these emotions not only internally, but also physically?

Earth does not belong to us, but exactly the opposite. And to love in a way that only the moon and the northern lights can understand is priceless and unique.


Photographer: Dimitri Stefanov
Words on paper: Velina Ilieva
Camera: Fujifilm GFX 100
Venue: Iceland
Couple: Veneta & Veselin
Bridesmaid: Kaira
Dress: Maticevski Slinger Gown
Shoes: Dr. Martens 1460
Styling: Edgycuts
Hair: Beauty BAR Plovdiv / Krisi
Bridesmaid Coat: Bobo Choses


Special thanks to Photosynthesis Sofia, Bulgaria and Tsvetan Ivanov.