\"Before creating glow we breathe first\"

Waves of grace and class.

Majestically rising on the coast, the wind gently breezing through its windows. There stands the Euxinograd palace. Small waves breaking onto a sandy beach and seagulls calling from behind. That are the sounds of love. The love of two beautiful souls, whose auras are about to merge into one. It`s not a secret anymore.

A sense of sophistication lies beneath what`s visible. Cotton, linen, velvet, silk… and a gaze of a woman so intense. She is walking down the aisle, hand in hand with her father. This connection is unbreakable. Intransitive like the pure love of Gabriela and Emilian.

Love is home. These two are nesting like the gulls, ready to build their own castle.

And now. Dive into the blue blood of the Black Sea.


Photographer: Dimitri Stefanov
Cinematography: Haldigital97
Venue: Euxinograd Palace, Province of Varna
Florist: Luiza Georgieva / Mimosa Garden Center
Catering & Full Service: Grifid Hotels
3D Cake Mapping: Mute Madness Studio
Cake: Ralitsa Kamburova / Delice
Makeup: Kristina Slavova / Mascara
Graphic Design: Ilija Iliev, Antonia Slavkova, Deni Uzunova
Event Photo: Ivaylo Kostadinov
Ceremony: Oleg Ivanov
Performers: Rafi, Trio Trinity & Band, Bozhana Spasova, Vessy Boneva and Svetlin Kuslev, Krisko, Dj Willy, Dj Dian Solo, Trio Elegance
Wedding Coordinator: Bilyana Guncheva / Element
Lighting and Sound: Prisma
Light Shows and Effects: Laser Shows
Inventory: Rent Event, SEG, Diana's Angels, Right Rental