\"Before creating glow we breathe first\"

I believe in the Sunset Limited.

We are all travelers.

А smoking cigarette. Bundles of sun rays through the smoky window of a train. The smell of shared memories and a touch of nostalgia, stuck in the velvet upholstery of the train seat. Approaching station, after station. Sitting still. Staring out the window. I see the whole universe, and I see nothing. Through the monotonous chugging sound of the train wheels, I can hear a whistle, that sounds like a forlorn call in the night. The brakes hiss and screech.

Here you are. The distance of the unknown had been diving us. A love brought us together. A station full of people and all I see is you. That stop lasts a moment. We hit the road again. Hand by hand. Аlmost kissed by the sunset.

Last weekend, I hit the road down to Skalsko, Province of Gabrovo to shoot the Violina x Zdravko’s wedding. The sun and the warm emotions that we felt, are bound to make this day never-to-be-forgotten. Thanks to this amazing young couple, that you have trusted my eyes and my heart as a wedding photographer.

Just remember, what we’ve done.


Wedding Photographer: Dimitri Stefanov
Venue: Skalsko, Province of Gabrovo
Videographer: Plamen Bijev
Decoration: Violina Mladenova
Wedding Dress: Sarah Hirsch